WSTS 2017 – MEINBERG NetSync PTPv2 Network Monitoring Demonstration

JTime! Meinberg USA participated in the WSTS 2017 Demonstration Sessions this year.

Demonstration Title:  MEINBERG NetSync – PTPv2 Monitoring Sync and Performance of Telecom Network

Description:  Demonstrate the capabilities of MEINBERG NetSync PTPv2 Network Monitoring functionality on the WSTS Telecom network.

The MEINBERG NetSync Monitor logs and reports the synchronization status and performance of remote PTPv2 slave nodes and Boundary Clocks on the Telecom network.  The NetSync monitoring technology can store, send and display the current and past synchronization status of PTPv2 devices in the network by exchanging the standard Delay Request, Delay Response, Sync and Follow-up messages and an additional TLV for the PTP status information of the monitored devices.

In the demonstration the MEINBERG LANTIME M4000 IMS will act as primary reference clock (PRC) serving PTPv2 Telecom profiles to the network.  The M4000 will fulfill the role of NetSync Monitoring System (MS) at the core as well.  The design of MEINBERG NetSync allows for multiple MS nodes in a network, not necessarily the PRC.  The monitored slave nodes at the edge of the telecom network will consist of a MEINBERG LANTIME M1000 IMS and a MEINBERG SyncBoxN2X.

Key points of the demonstration include the graphical demonstration of each PTP slave sync performance over time and a short explanation of the key data points gathered by the Monitoring System.

MEINBERG’s next generation high precision & high performance HPS-100 IEEE1588 time stamping module will be showcased demonstrating the sheer power of supporting thousands of PTP slaves as well as the ability to monitor network PTP slaves and Boundary Clocks on the Telecom network.