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Syntony GNSS – Shaping The Future of Navigation

Positioning and navigation solutions dedicated to advanced technologies in a connected world. Full software GNSS at the heart of your applications.



Constellator GNSS Simulator – The expansion of GNSS Constellations and Satellite Based Augmentations Systems has provided receiver developers and integrators with more options – and more complexity – than ever before. Syntony Constellator is designed to test receivers against the demands of the future and matches top-end processing performance and RF quality with utmost flexibility in simulation control.

Echo – Record and Playback – Putting the “real” into Real World Tests

Whether developing new components, improving algorithms or working on the integration of an entire receiver system, there comes a time when GNSS receivers must be tried in real world conditions. Only real world conditions tests can reveal how a receiver will react to the untidy RF environment awaiting it during its service life, from background noise to signal reflection, interference, masking or loss…

That is why Syntony built ECHO R&P. From its RF components through its software, Syntony built ECHO R&P to provide the most accurate recording and reproduction of reality available.

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